Shopping in China

beijing-20170106-9Kendra Clarke

Being from the New York area I have always love fashion. To me fashion is a way of art that gives one the opportunity to express themselves in their daily attire. While I personally find it difficult to “shop till I drop” I do find great pleasure in observing the clothing/accessory styles in every place I visit.

During our first week spent in Beijing I realized that seeing the everyday fashion of the citizens would be difficult considering the fact that  with the cold climate people would likely be wearing multiple layers and large coats. However these two girls at the original Summer Palace caught my eye. They had large knee length white coats with a really cool structure, this was absolutely one of a kind and I hoped that I would be able to see more trends like this so I was delighted when we took one night to visit a few malls.

One of the memorable culture shocks I had was most definitely the designer mall we visited. When walking into this high end mall a doorman was there to welcome each guest to the lavish establishment filled with stores like Chanel, Coach, and Louis Vitton (to name a few). I was delighted to see some amazing pieces while window shopping and even more intrigued by the amount of customers filling the stores.

The next mall we went to was by far the largest mall I had ever seen in my life filled with all types of stores and a really cool “Ice Age” display out front. I can only imagine how much revenue these malls bring in a day.

Although the mall experience was really cool I really appreciated being able to shop at some of the small businesses we came across in the area of the Confucius College. Each place I found myself in had beautiful accessories to offer and and decorated to fit the vibe of their products. Unlike the United States I found that in places around the world store owners take great care in the experience of the customer. They will do anything possible to make sure you enjoy your product and remember your experience. I’m glad I had the opportunity to look around at some of these places and found comfort in the kind hospitality that each store offered.

In Sanya I found that the shopping was somewhat different, most likely due to the different climate. I noticed the island inhabitants and visitors dressed in clothing similar to what people wear in Hawaii. The warm weather even in the winter makes it the perfect place for a shorts and flip flops wardrobe.

As far as shopping goes I really liked the stores that sold handmade items, to me these are the cultural souvenirs that speak on the journey you made. I think my biggest regret was not buying this little shell turtle that I saw at the “End of the World”, hopefully I’ll be back for it one day though!


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