Scarred Hands

Sanya_2017-223.jpgAlejandro Olivas

Our last night in Sanya was very memorable. In the morning we travelled to a national park in the outskirts of Sanya. The park was truly amazing, the scenery marvelous and the ride up to the park was phenomenal motion-sickness-central. We took a large bus that was driven like if it was a mini cooper, the narrow roads were scary but I am sure the drivers knew what they were doing. We reached the park safely and the entire group participated in zip lining across the forest. I was running around park like a child with a new toy. I love being outdoors and New York City often limits your experience with nature. Continue reading “Scarred Hands”


Unseen Sanya

81630035Alejandro Olivas

After being in Beijing for 6 days we travelled to Sanya, a city in the island of Hainan. We had three lectures at Sanya University. Professor Yu Yanling conducted our second lecture and we discussed tourism in Hainan. The lecture provided us with information on the rich culture of Hainan, the beautiful scenery and the recent growth and development due to tourism. Continue reading “Unseen Sanya”

My Perception of China

image1Morr Njie

Growing up in the United States, China has always been a place of great mystery. You hear that the Chinese government enforce strict regulations that hinder people freedoms, people are impolite and rude, and that the nation as a whole is very grimy and infrastructure is outdated. That is not the case at all. Continue reading “My Perception of China”

Hospitality As I’ve Never Experienced…

sanya-20170112-3Joseph Mannarino

I don’t think I’ll ever say this enough times. The hospitality that I have witnessed in the country of China is one that I have never experienced¬†before. From the moment we have been here, we have been showered with¬†gifts, meals, and incredible amounts of help from all. I never knew that it was like this. There is a great sense of community and a great sense of family here. I have never quite seen so much of it. Continue reading “Hospitality As I’ve Never Experienced…”

Older v. Newer

Beijing_2017-3.jpgBeijing caught me with an incredible diversity of architecture. As we went through a walking tour of the city I really began to notice this. At first, the city was built up in a horizontal manner. Tall buildings were not the norm, other than the symbolic bell towers and large standings like that. Even earlier than that, everything was based around the temples and emperor’s palaces. The towns were built out around this. Also, the architecture was much more ornate and of the typical “Asian” architecture style.Even the stuff that was built around the 1900s and such were more of the typical architectural style. We visited The Great Wall, and saw an ancient city around there. Once again, very typical of the ancient Asian style. Continue reading “Older v. Newer”

What An Incredible Bubble WE Live In!

beijing_2017-72Joseph Mannarino

After a few days here in Beijing, I can truly say that I am incredibly surprised so far by my experience. From the United States media, and just overall opinions that I’ve heard, China is a very different place than the United States–and this is true. I was told by so many before going to “be careful” and told so many stories about things that would happen to me as soon as I got off the plane. NONE OF IT WAS TRUE! In fact, much of it was the opposite. So far, I have seen so many friendly people. Everyone has been incredibly helpful. I have not received any “dirty looks” or seen anything like I had been told to expect. From the minute I got off the plane, the people have been very helpful and friendly. Continue reading “What An Incredible Bubble WE Live In!”

Feminism and gender roles in China

beijing-20170104-4Emily Ortiz

On our first day in Beijing, we visited the Communication University of China. There, we attended a seminar with some of the faculty and staff from the Institute of Art. We had the opportunity to discuss a wide variety of topics, and since there was no set itinerary, we could discuss just about anything we wanted. The topics ranged from fake news, to university school songs, to Chinese media, and we even got to speak on the topic of feminism. Continue reading “Feminism and gender roles in China”